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Equipment Care


Our gear is an investment that is designed to perform in a manner that brings excitement, joy and accomplishment to your fishing experience, but there are some precautions we must take to ensure that our gear continues to perform in the way that it was intended to. At some point in our adventures, we have all been guilty of not properly caring for our gear, but here are a few friendly reminders that we should all bear in mind:

  • Always remember to take that extra minute to put your rod back into its bag and tube before leaving the water. If not, all those scratches and dings that can happen on the rod’s surface could damage the graphite or fiberglass and inevitably lead to a broken rod.
  • Keep in mind that your favorite weighted or oversized fly not only lands you big fish, but it can also cause you some problems or breakage if it hits your rod blank while casting.
  • The function of a rod is to bend and flex, but as with anything, there are limits to what it can take. Try to avoid excessive flex to the rod while fighting or landing that monster. If your fly is snagged and the only solution is breaking it off, make sure the rod tip is pointed directly at your fly.
  • Stuck ferrules have happened to us all, and taking your rod apart after each use is a good way to keep them from getting stuck.
  • When ferrules do get stuck, loosening them can be a painstaking task. Enlist a second person for help, and each of you pull a section. Always make sure that you are holding onto the blank and not pulling against one of the rod guides, which could be damaged from excessive pressure.
  • Make sure that before you put your rod into the bag and tube that it’s dry. Extra moisture trapped inside the tube can cause problems with wooden reel seats and could affect the finish of components.
  • When placing your rod sections inside the divided bag, remember that the best way to keep everything safe is to place the handle and the tip top-up.

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